Our Programs

Today, World Rehabilitation Fund continues its work to transform disability into possibility to ensure that all people, regardless of disability, have the right to participate fully in their communities, to attain education and viable employment.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Image Courtesy of Andrew McConnell, UNHCR

It is our hope that together we can continue and expand these life-changing, innovative and transformative programs which improve the lives of persons with disabilities around the world.

Country Project Sector Impact/Beneficiaries
Cambodia  Artisans Association of Cambodia (comprised of 40 member organizations)
  • Socio-economic Rehabilitation
  • Capacity Building
Approximately 2,600 artisans with disabilities and other vulnerable artisans; 73% of the beneficiaries are women
Haiti Mobility and Rehabilitation Project at Hospital Adventiste D’Haiti, Port-au-Prince
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Capacity Building
Over 1,000 persons with disabilities (PWD), half of whom are children; training for 3-4 rehabilitation specialists in partnership with ProsthetiKa
Haiti “Music for Haiti” program at Ecole St. Vincent, Port-au-Prince
  • Education
  • Capacity Building
  • Music Equipment
Serving Ecole St. Vincent (450 school-aged children with disabilities)
Lebanon Emergency Assistance Program for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities with Disabilities
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vision & Hearing
  • Resource Center
As of May 2014, WRF served 628 PWD; over the next 12 months WRF will reach approximately 2,000 PWD (Syrian refugees and host communities in Lebanon)
Pakistan Rehabilitation Project at the Pakistan Society for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD) Center
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Services
  • Community-based Rehabilitation
Serving approximately 2,500 PWD in Lahore and the surrounding area; in partnership with PSRD and the American Friends of PSRD
Philippines  Emergency Assistance Program in Typhoon Haiyan-affected area of Tacloban
  • Emergency and Rehabilitation Equipment and Supplies
Donating equipment to three hospitals in Tacloban

WRF’s global programs benefiting Women and Children encompass all sectors of work and are aimed at empowering women and children to achieve their rights.

In addition, WRF undertakes a number of Short Term Projects in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Click here to learn more.