Leadership and Staff

WRF was founded in 1955 by Dr. Howard A. Rusk, MD (1902-1989)

Founding Chairmen

Bernard M. Baruch, Herbert Hoover, Albert Schweitzer, MD, and Harry S. Truman

Board of Directors

Chairman: Richard A. Drucker
Vice Chair: Marilyn Moffat Salant, PT, Ph.D., FAPTA
Treasurer: Stephen D. Heyman
Steven Flanagan, MD
Emilie Pryor
Samuel F. Pryor, IV
Kristjan T. Ragnarsson, MD

Advisory Board

Charles H. Epps, Jr. MD
Jack Victor, PhD

Executive Staff

Senior Vice President: Daisy Rodriguez
Vice President: Roberta Welz
Financial Officer: Ana Marcelino

Expert Consultants

Heather Burns Knierim, MSW
Allyson Brown Kenney, MSW, MPH

WRF Lebanon

Director, WRF Programs for Lebanon: Dr. Nadim Karam
WRF Lebanon Operations Director and Programs Coordinator: Toufic Rizkallah
Monitoring and Evaluation and Systems development at WRF: Dolly Basil

Music for Haiti Program

Dr. Josephine Stein, Rev. Frantz Cole