WRF Lebanon receives funding from UN OCHA

In July 2018 WRF Lebanon has started the implementation of the UN OCHA funded project “Alleviating the Burdens of Displacement on Persons with Disabilities among Refugees from Syria and Their Peers in Lebanese Host Communities” (to learn more about WRF’s work in Lebanon, visit www.wrf.org.lb). The program funding of roughly $297,000 is being used to address the unmet needs of the people with disabilities among the Syrian refugees and in their host communities in Lebanon.

This six-month project will aim to fill the gaps in humanitarian assistance targeting one of the most vulnerable groups, while complimenting an ongoing assistance project currently implemented by WRF to address the needs of larger number of individuals, as well as expand the operational assistance to local Community Based Organizations.

WRF Lebanon continues to be a strong advocate for the rights and needs of the women and children with disabilities and plays an important role in ensuring direct assistance and protection to persons with physical and sensory disabilities.